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Geopoesis: rts game : terraform hostile planets

Edict 1, The Architect has decreed that only through righteous, ethical and total terraforming of any target alien world can Hestia be recreated : => : Geopoesis : the act of poetic creation of an Earth


: Hestia : We destroyed Hestia, our home, our Earth. The Architect and Council of the Thirteen Cardinals have charged you to execute geopoesis on one of the scarce number of promising, but hostile, alien worlds. If you fail then humankind is doomed.

: INCOMING MESSAGE from Cardinal Abigor : The only planet currently located which might respond to geopoesis is Eos. All data points to Eos being an incredibly complex and dangerous environment.

: Geopoesis: Eos : Unique geology that resembles Hestia and in the Goldilocks zone.
Warning : 1 : Hostile environment with incredibly complex, unstable conditions
Warning : 2 : Probes detected probable alien communications within one light-year

: INCOMING MESSAGE from Cardinal Apep : I see Abigor has prematurely shared the draft Council view of targets. Be aware that under my interrogation of captives we are close to the identification of additional targets.
Tap here to respond so we have your coordinates and can alert you when a new target has been blessed by the Architect.

In the Press (click the links to view):
toucharcade, thanks for the promotion
Thank you Malta, Geopoesis: Eos is #38 above Plague !!! FYI this site is great for download stats Appfigures
– 2 days into the launch and 59 installations of Geopoesis: Artemis ! Wow many thanks to anyone who has installed. We would love feedback.
– More exposure thanks at MacUpdate, thanks
– Thanks Amanda for promoting our game on Amanda Hooper
– On launch weekend Artemis and Eos clocked up 85 downloads ! We are super interested to hear feedback – please contact
– More great exposure – thanks to WhatToPlay for supporting small indie developers !
– A week after launch and we are featured in the iOS App rankings for the UK (#122 but hey, not a bad start with no marketing) – thanks for the promotion guys at SensorTower
– 130 installations (32 in the last 24 hours) – thank you everyone 🙂
– Great exposure on Reddit
– USA has woken up to Geopoesis – many thanks to CodeGeni
HelloAlgar has a great promotion of Geopoesis today
– Three 5 star reviews for Eos and Artemis ! Many thanks !!! Click here to see more
– “Very Tough Game – Recommend for Those that Like a Challenge: “I tried Artemis and beat it quite quickly – then beat the first two levels of this pretty quickly. I think the first two levels in this game were to learn the controls (so no problem after playing Artemis). Again, the third ramped up the difficulty sharply! I still haven’t beat the game… Often when I feel that I have a good strategy on a level, I find that it falls apart. I’m looking forward to the next levels (if I manage to beat the one I am on), and overall I’m enjoying it. Summary: If you like a challenge, I highly recommend… because I am struggling haha”
– “Really innovative indie strategic and brain game: Really innovative indie strategic and brain game. Graphics are minimal (Atari anyone?) but this game is all about the gameplay. Need a lot of reasoning, has hidden functionalities and challenging levels all different between them. No level has the same solution but each level can be solved differently. With some improvement can become a masterpiece.”
– “Great fun … and super challenging !”
– Great exposure here from Chaoxiedian
– More online promotion here from iphonesoft
GameNews24 have also picked up on the new release
– 195 installations !
– Promoted as a new release on gaminghousenews, freshgamenews, softlaunch and platogaming – thanks

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